Packaging – Jenson & Nicholson


We undertook a comprehensive responsibility to redesign all the packaging for products for Jenson & Nicholson, one of India’s oldest and prominent paint company. The old designs did not stand out among the other brands in the market and had less visibility on the shelf. Each product was resigned according to its features and customer segment. [...]

Metro Train Panels- Singapore


Jamboree started promotions in Singapore MRT for its GMAT, GRE and SAT programs. We were tasked to create clean and impactful designs to draw attention and communicate the critical aspects to the Singapore commuters. We worked with the Singapore team of Jamboree and eventually were able to deliver exactly what they wanted. [...]

Van Panel Displays


Jamboree was trying to enter and expand into the markets of Pune, where already many local players existed and were thriving. It was a challenge for Jamboree to create its brand differentiation and attract more admissions. We worked on the copy to zero in on the most important proposition which the local players lacked [...]

Isometric Graphic – BHEL Water Business

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BHEL is a billion dollar company and India's largest manufacturer of power plant equipment. It has presence in more 80 countries and all inhabitable continents. We worked on an isometric graphic for the company to represent its water business. The challenge was to create a graphic that is not only technologically accurate but aesthetically pleasing [...]