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Studio Mosaic Apps is a mobile app studio delivering app design, development and marketing services. They have a strong international clientele, and wanted to come across as the international studio that they are. We worked on creating a responsive website to showcase a presence that truly justified their diverse work portfolio and their global appeal. [...] – Website Development

2017-05-05T12:49:43+00:00 was a custom coded website built on the wordpress frame. Unlike a theme based site, each page is custom coded and has a unique appeal. It has a lot of flexibility and most pages can have video banner, image banner or standard displays. Many content types exist for posts, coaching types, careers and [...]

Makeschool & Jamboree – Website Development


Make School is suppose to be the college replacement for computer science students. Based out of Californi, US, makeschool is changing the way computer education is delivered. The Indian chapter of makeschool was initiated by Jamboree India, for which they needed a website in less than a week. We created the UI on the [...] – Website Development

2017-05-05T10:49:21+00:00 is a recipe site focusing on East Indian recipes. The author of the site wanted a clean and appetizing but fresh look. We worked on the development of the website, as well as the logo and photography of a few recipes. At the end the final delivered website was well appreciated by the [...] – Website Development


AIWEFA is one of India's oldest non-profit working for women empowerment since 1929. We were tasked for creating a website for the organization, something that they could easily handle at their own end. We created a new site that was not just good looking but also easy for client to edit. It had features [...]